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Gaastra Cross 2013

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Gaastra Cross Fast and stable Gaastra Cross Cross over

The Gaastra Cross Whatever your sailing conditions, the Cross can handle it. A perfect bump and jump sail that goes fast, turns on a dime and makes you smile! A 6 batten skeleton with tube battens make the sail stable and easy at top speeds while providing enough power to get any free ride board up to speed quickly. A simple outline that works as a slalom like sail for going fast and a wave sail for making turns. For one range of sails, the Cross has you

The Gaastra Cross R&D Details we used the new 2-Ply laminate for the cross as we again found a 10% savings, and the soft feeling was an extra gain for the range of use of this sail. “I worked on the leech twist as well, making it more smooth top to bottom to get a more balanced power output” comments Peter. The evolved radial panel layout balances the load distribution within the sail body and the 6 batten configuration with 4 tube battens makes the Cross ultra stable in the higher wind range. Now all sizes fit on
the 2 mast concept and all sails are both compatible with SDM or RDM masts. We also dropped the 7.4 size as it did not make sense for this size- better to go with the Matrix.


• Radial Panel Layout 2G// improved layout for perfect
and locked in sail shape, smooth profile, twist
control and durability
• 3D EVA mast protector // for maximum shock-absorbing
and minimal weight
• 3D mast head protector // for maximum shock-absorbing
and minimal weight

Extremely versatile for any board or any condition. The Cross is fast, fun and friendly.

Cross 4.8
Cross 5.2
Cross 5.6
Cross 6.0
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Cross 6.4
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Manufacturer: Gaastra Windsurf Sails