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Gaastra Matrix 2013

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Gaastra Matrix Light and stable Gaastra Matrix Accessible and high performances

The Gaastra Matrix 
The ultimate no-cam free ride machine. Purpose built to get up to speed early, blast through the lulls and give you the feeling of freedom! A moderate boom length keeps the sail perfectly balanced while the cross boom batten puts the center of effort low and in your hands. This makes the sail easy to control so you can go fast and not look back. Simple to rig and boasting a huge wind range, the Matrix will satisfy any free rider looking for a good time.

The Gaastra Matrix R&D Details
“For I worked on the twisting pattern of the leech, I opened it a bit more down low to gain a more balanced and progressive feeling. Also it has more profile in the front to pull more in the low end”says Peter. Unnecessary roundings in the outline have been eliminated. The radial panel layout combined with the colored C-Film make it very distinguishable and long lasting due the high UV resistance and intelligent construction. We also improved the tube batten specs which further the performance and stability of the sail. We put a vario top on the 6,0 and 6,5 to make it compatible with a 460 mast and  extend the sizes compatible with this mast.

• use of C-Film // for better durability and performance
• Radial Panel Layout 2G// improved layout for perfect
and locked in sail shape, smooth profile, twist
control and durability
• 3D EVA mast protector // for maximum shock-absorbing
and minimal weight
• 3D mast head protector // for maximum shock-absorbing
and minimal weight
• equipped with 6 battens
• no cambers
• dropped clew -// shorter boom, improved lower
• fifth batten crosses the boom area -// more power
and performance

The Gaastra Matrix BOTTOM LINE
This no cam rig can race like a slalom sail, turn like a wave sail and put a smile on anyone! Easy to rig and tune, this is the ultimate free ride machine.

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Manufacturer: Gaastra Windsurf Sails