Point 7 AC K 2011

Quick overview

The AC-K, King of Cams is a new addition to the Point-7 sail line-up, tested and developed in the Canary Islands in a variety of conditions, from the nuclear winds in Pozo to the choppy waters of Fuerteventura and at the development HQ in Tenerife. Final testing was carried out on Lake Garda in Italy to complete the bigger sizes and ensure overall performance in light winds.

The AC-K Mast Choice Advise: The sail line have been tested with C100+ and C80+ standard masts. Only the 5.8m2 uses a RDM mast. The C60 grade mast is also compatible with the AC-K

The AC-K Design objective:  Racing characteristics, with special empathize on easy handling and comfort.
The AC-K Development: Demanding performance to push your racing further. Having a simplified race sail is not a question of how many cambers it has, but a demand to have the fastest sail possible with optimized handling and comfort qualities. Being the friendlier version of the AC-1, Point-7Õs title winning race line, the AC-K has been cut to having a very compact outline that allows for more power in a smaller sail area. Developed to shock absorb gusts and choppy conditions softer than the AC-1 and with less complicated handling requirements. The AC-K produces amazing high speed racing also for those who are not professional windsurfers, but with a wish to dominate their home spot. The sail range offers a very compact outline, short boom and mast lengths, swift handling infused with low-end power and the stability of 3 cambers.

AC K 5.8 2011
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AC K 6.5 2011
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AC K 7.2 2011
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AC K 7.8 2011
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AC K 8.5 2011
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AC K 9.4 2011
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Manufacturer: Point 7 Sails