Point 7 AC X 2011

Quick overview

The AC-X, the all new testosterone pumped no-cam sail from Point-7. Tested and developed in the Canary Islands in all thinkable conditions, from the nuclear winds in Pozo to the choppy waters of Fuerteventura and back home at the development HQ in Tenerife. Final testing was carried out at Lake Garda in Italy to complete the bigger sizes and ensure overall performance in light winds. 
The AC-X Mast Choice Advise: The sails have been tested with C100+, C80+ and C60 in SDM, RDM and BICO masts.
The AC-X Design objective:  Why trouble having several different sail types like freeride, cam- no-cam freerace sails when the AC-X delivers so much more of everything. A unique sail range that fulfils any flat water need
The AC-X Development: The new AC-X is taking its place in a very successful series of the Andrea Cucchi signature sails. Having taken the best from our past freeride and no-cam slalom sails the Square and AC-0, and genetically fused these 2 classic sails with all the knowhow and skill of the Point-7 development team. A new sail line has been spawned, delivering a shocking combination of low-end power, top speed, control and comfort all in one.
If earlier having had any doubt which sail model to choose, that question has now effectively been eliminated by having one sail line that does it all and deliverers everything.
Sized from 5.2 to 9.0; the smallest size and up to 6.5 is built on a 6 batten construction and 7 battens in the sizes upwards. Keeping in tone with latest Point-7 trend, the sail design is kept compact with short mast and boom lengths.

AC X 5.2 2011
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AC X 5.8 2011
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AC X 6.5 2011
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AC X 7.0 2011
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AC X 7.5 2011
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AC X 8.0 2011
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AC X 9.0 2011
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Manufacturer: Point 7 Sails