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Point 7 Swell 2011

Quick overview

The Swell, pure wave has been tested and developed in the Canary Islands, in both on- and side-shore conditions. The islands offering an array of settings, which combined with heavy swells and wind generated waves, empower the sail to be suitable in whichever condition at whatever location you wish to enter.

Mast Choice Advise: The  Swell  has  been tested with  the  C100+ srdm  and bico, ,C80+  rdm  and C60 rdm. The Swell does not rig on SDM masts.
Design objective: Plenty of drive for early planning, hard bottom turns and massive air-time, whilst staying neutral in down-the-line wave sailing. Graceful in the execution of radical manoeuvres and forgiving in its character 
Development: The Swell has been cut with a tight leech to deliver a very soft feeling for effortless wave riding and transmit fast bursts of energy when needed to tackle hard bottom turns and radical manoeuvres. 
Featuring a refined outline and leech twist along with a more profound batten rotation increases the stability and range of the sail especially in light wind conditions. The sail profile gives a slight forward pull for easy control out of the cutback, whilst remaining neutral in bottom turning. The Swell's aimed pressure point delivers stability and neutral handling in all conditions. Though the new linear base cut the rider gets more freedom when going for cut backs or grapping under the boom.
A structured window section built using a slightly thicker clear material for optimal visibility whilst maintaining strength at its core. Surrounded by bullet proof X-ply and kevlar reinforced materials in the rest of the sail body.

Swell 3.7 2011
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Swell 4.4 2011
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Swell 4.7 2011
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Swell 5.0 2011
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Swell 5.7 2011
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Manufacturer: Point 7 Sails