Picture of Simmer Enduro 2013

Simmer Enduro 2013

Quick overview

The Enduro is all about having fun. With its powerful five batten panel layout, it is easy to use and easy to maneuver. So whether you are learning full speed gybes or chasing down your friends on a down-winder the Enduro gives you what you need.

It features lots of low-end grunt to get planing early and to blast at high speeds. It is forgiving and allows the rider to maintain a comfortable stance through gusts and choppy waters. The Enduro is the perfect sail for the intermediate-to-advanced sailor who just wants to blast without the hassle of cambers.  

- Early planing and easy handling.

- Low-end power that gets you going even in lighter conditions.

- Light weight, yet durable construction.

- A powerful five batten panel layout.

- 5.9 - 7.1 rigs on a 430 mast.

“  The Enduro is designed to maximize your fun, no matter if you windsurf a couple of days a year on your local lake or if you go sailing every time it is windy. It is developed for ease of use, early planing and manoeuvrability. “    - Kurosh Kiani

Enduro 5.4
Enduro 5.9
Enduro 6.5
Enduro 7.1
Enduro 7.8

Additional information

Manufacturer: Simmer Windsurf