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Simmer Freewave 2013

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Simmer Freewave Tri/Single Fin Simmer Freewave Crossover

The Simmer Freewave is a high performance board that offers a fun and lively ride in a huge spectrum of conditions. It is designed to work with a variety of fin setups and is delivered with a freewave single fin and a tri fin set. With a single fin, the board is a classic freestyle wave performer with a perfect blend of liveliness and smoothness whether blasting, turning, sliding or jumping. With the dedicated tri fin surf style fin kit the board becomes a powerful fast wave performer that combines amazing upwind and planing performance with an ability to handle waves from small onshore slop to serious
sideshore overhead lips.

Simmer Freewave  KEY FEATURES
- Fast rocker curves, with curvatures designed to give better turning in tri fin mode and more speed in single fin mode.
- Smooth outlines for predictability when pushed hard in turns.
- Wider outlines with comparatively narrow tails for snappy turns and control through chop.
- Low tuck rails, but with a smooth release up front for a forgiving ride in waves and good control in backward slides.
- Rails between the straps optimized for a smooth glide in backwards maneuvers, but with a sharper tail release for grip when turning and better speed.
- V design with v-flow designed to increase the rocker closer to the rails.
- Double concave for a smooth ride though chop and for grippy turns, but with a flatter section between the straps for a livelier ride.
- Tri fin slot box positions optimized together with rocker and outlines to give unmatched wave board like performance in true tri fin mode.
- From the ground up designed to work both as single fin and in thruster mode – awesome tuneability and adaptability

Simmer Freewave  RIDER COMMENT
" The Freewave is as versatile as any board can be. Offering multiple fin configuration options, you can easily adapt to a diverse set of environments. I use this board blasting Kanaha with the single fin setup in the morning then at Hookipa in the afternoon with the tri-fin setup. The Freewave is super fast and easy to use in a wide range of conditions. "
- Kai Katchadourian US-33

Simmer Freewave  CONSTRUCTION
Our production methods focus on quality and consistency, rather than trying to make as many boards as possible. This produces a much higher quality product, resulting in a more accurate and consistent shape once the board is removed from the mold. With no need to refinish or cover up any imperfections, we can stay focused on each board’s structural integrity throughout the production process. Therefore, Simmer Style boards are by definition semi-custom. Our process, along with the innovative Carbon X principle, produces a board that feels more custom made than production when it hits the water.

The Carbon X construction applies similar principals as freestyle snowboarding where the rider uses the flex and twist of the board to gain speed to maneuver. The concept is to use the strength and stiffness of the carbon where it’s needed the most. This provides some major performance advancements such as that the Carbon X construction:
1. absorbs the energy caused by impact which increases the durability and longevity of the board. 
2. generates more flex in the bottom turn which promotes drive and creates a livelier feel.

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