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Simmer SCS 2013

Quick overview


This is our street racer version of SCR, a full-bred race machine featuring all of the most recent innovations that you find in our competition level race sail. The new SCS is more user-friendly, easier to tune and designed to work on a SC8 mast. The three smoothly rotating cambers keep the low?center of effort in place at all times, and deliver as long as you keep?pushing it. This sail will just go faster and faster, even in the most?demanding conditions.

- SCS  is a high performance freerace sail for the more experienced windsurfer who is looking for a full blown cambered powerhouse at an affordable price.

- User-friendly, easy to tune, rig and de-rig.

- SCS has a new luff curve specifically designed to perform with a slightly less responsive mast as found with the SC-8. The SC-10 mast is compatible as a performance upgrade.

" SCS is the perfect sail if you are just getting serious about racing. It has all the aspects of the SCR but with easier handling, it is also less mast sensitive and delivers high performance on a SC8 mast. Basically, it’s never been easier to go really fast than with the SCS . "  - Kurosh Kiani D-13

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Manufacturer: Simmer Windsurf