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Simmer V Max 2013

Quick overview

V-Max is a powerful 6 batten freeride sail which is easy to get going, even with a smaller sail in less wind. With a light-weight contruction and a full sail profile, the V-Max appeals to the freeride sailor who wants to maximize the enjoyment of planing without needing to work for it. V-Max offers quick and simple rigging, great low-end power and easy on-water handling. V-Max is the best choice for the sailor who wants a light-weight, cam free, manuever-oriented freeride sail.

- Light-weight, cam free, maneuver-oriented freeride sail.

- Low aspect ratio which generates a smooth and efficient power delivery, a high top-end speed and a high angle of attack.

- 6 battens for a wide wind range and a stable sail profile.

- The full sail profile generates the power you need for effortless planing.

- User-friendly, easy to rig and de-rig.

“ I’ve been designing cam free freeride sails for 25 years now, all this experience channels directly into the new V-Max. The new V-Max combines a user-friendly appeal, with smooth and efficient power delivery with expectional top-end speed and control. This is the flatwater equivalent of the Icon, a sail that suits most riders. “ - Tomas Persson

V Max 5.4
V Max 6
V Max 6.6
V Max 7.2
V Max 7.9
V Max 8.6

Additional information

Manufacturer: Simmer Windsurf