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Tabou Guru 2013

Quick overview

The Tabou GURU continues to be a great all round starter free ride board. An affordable solution that comes with a great design for comfort on the run. A range of boards you can progress on all the way up to making your first jibe!

DAVY SCHEFFERS “All the surf shops love this board for teaching people how to get out there and have fun! A lot of my friends have learned on the Guru and they are always stoked to hit the water!”

Tabou Guru Board Details The shape is based on the standard version of the Rocket range. With the softer and heavier construction, the boards are easy to ride. Fun for all regardless of whether they are a beginner or starting to windsurfing again or just want to take a spin on holiday. Soft and easy underfoot and wide enough for easy up hauling. The Boards are designed that even the hard “school life” can not hurt them.

NEW Guru 135
The new Guru 135 comes in at 257cm long x 73 wide so 7 cm longer and 1 cm wider than last year giving a much longer bottom surface to enhance the non active planing and making the transition from nonplaning to planing more steady and smooth.The tail width remains the same while a new rocker line and bottom shape are implemented. These new features make it easier to control, more predictable and a better top speed. The longer length also makes jibing easier due to stability.

Tabou Guru Features
• A new outline 7 cm longer and 1 cm wider for a smoother transition from non planing to planing
• Enhanced rocker more smooth in front better non active planing and top speed
• New bottom shape with less concave and different V gives better acceleration and top speed
NEW Guru 155
The new Guru 155 is now 265 long so 5 cm longer combined with a wider tail make it quick to plane away
and hold it`s speed in gusty conditions.
It also has a thinner center line foil making it more stable.

Tabou Guru Features
• New outline 5cm longer and a wider tail for better transition from non-planing to planing
• Enhanced rocker more smooth in front better non active planing and top speed
• Thinner center line foil is more stable and easier in the jibe.

BOTTOM LINE School Board, beginners Board and intermediates dream, the guru makes it all easy. The perfect first freeride
board at an affordable price and in a very robust design. A variety of strap positions offer the possibility to fit the board exactly to your

Guru 125
Guru 135
Guru 145
Guru 155

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Manufacturer: Tabou Windsurf Boards