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Tabou Thunder 2013

Quick overview

The Tabou Thunder  Fabien wanted to create a range of boards for BOARD DETAILS the average sailor to maximize water time. A range that didn’t need to be sailed overpowered, something that would plane up early and still go fast. “I came up with this concept when looking at some old Ferrari Hydroplane Boats. I read up on them and they have a wide nose to get air under them to help with planing and keeping minimal surface area on the water to reduce drag!” says Fabien. This all new range is designed to make water time more fun, more effortless and more FAST!

“We spent a lot of time getting these boards to work like they do. At first I was not convinced but after more and more R&D, Fabien proved his point and now these boards are going to be very popular. With the Thunder, we will bring back a lot more riders that have previously been scared by the speed of the Manta boards. The best way to describe these boards is…..awesome!”

The Tabou Thunder  Board Details Placed right between the Rocket and Speedster, the all new Thunder has been specifically developed to easily find the perfect trim. “We created a lot of prototypes that had the front section of a formula board tapering back to 75cm in the center with a large winger in the middle and faded that into the same tail section as a Rocket 125. It looked just like a Ferrari Hydroplane boat! It was super quick to plane but we couldn’t jibe it very well. We kept working and smoothed out all the kinks in the outline and have found the perfect equation!” says Fabien. The wide nose gives lift and early planing while the narrow tail allows the board to trim nicely and go fast easily. The profile is thin up forward to save weight and it progressively gets thicker and thicker all the way to the tail. This volume in the tail makes instant acceleration and keeps you planing through the lulls and at low speeds.

The Tabou Thunder  Features
• Super wide nose/narrow tail outline : early planing, planing through wind holes, top speed
on a normal size sail
• Long flat rocker gives control and early planing
• Specially trimmed tail for top speed in control
• Special foil with low front and max thickness all the way to the tail : forgiving in low speed
jibes, easy acceleration, planing in marginal wind conditions.

The Tabou Thunder  BOTTOM LINE
A performance board designed to be ridden without being overpowered. Any rider that used to sail with a 6,5 to 7,2 on a Manta FR 75 in 15-18 knots
of wind will be much faster on a Thunder 120 while having a much better time on the water! Step on the board, sheet in, go fast and have fun.

Thunder 110
Old price: £1,180.00
Price: £1,175.00
Thunder 120
Thunder 130

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Manufacturer: Tabou Windsurf Boards