AHD Windsurf

 Since the late 80’s, AHD has developed and sold a number of innovating performance windsurf-boards. Those brought fun into the lives of many leisure windsurfers, while top riders have been able to grab the most prestigious trophies with them! Bruno André (Brand development manager) and Pascal Gerber (shaper) have, for the last three years, been concentrating on creating further innovating products, pretty unique on the market, built with AHD high-tech manufacturing process.

The successful Sealion Concept has been their first foray into a range dedicated to offer fun in light wind days. In a further step in our quest for that forgotten wind-range “0-15 knots”, the latest AHD developments look to offer back to the windsurfing world, at large, the ingredients which made the sport so successful in the 80s.
They bring the feelings and fun-factor of the early days, now much enhanced by what has been learned over 25 years to improve easiness, performance and manufacturing.
Our Tactik Sailboard offers the sensitivity and glide of Open Class boards twinned to the planing performance of Formula Windsurfing.
Our Sealion is the tool to play with, every day at the beach and in the waves, either paddling or surf-sailing.
The unique AFS-One, an innovative hydrofoil board, opens new perspectives to windsurfers, with its totally different and so exciting feeling !
Of course, we still keep improving the more mainstream AHD shapes and offer a full range of boards for any discipline and sailing condition you may be fan of.



AHD Concept Wave

From £1,199.00

AHD Fast Forward

From £899.00

AHD Free Race

From £1,199.00

AHD FreeStyle

From £1,199.00

AHD New Seal 90


AHD SL1 Concept

From £1,249.00

AHD Tactik


AHD Zen Evolution

From £849.00