F One Kites 2014

F One Kite History

F One Bandit 2008 the F-one Bandit is the result of intensive research into kite-aerodynamics and the wish to create a kite with full depower. The debate goes on whether a Bandit is a bow kite or a hybrid, but in my eyes Fone has definitly created a unique kite concept.

The Fone Impact 2006 was the best kite that Fone Kiteboarding produced that year. In general we can say that the Freestyle kite has been built not that tough (I’ve seen some impacts being torn up in the line-up), but the Impact flies incredibly light and turns on a dime. The 11 m Impact feels like a 10m or even a 9m and feels really responsive. Combine this with light bar pressure and you end up flying a kite that will offer hours of good fun. Want to buy the Fone Impact 2007? Go for the Tribal 2 then, but if you can get your hands on a 2006..

the Fone Dream 2004 was all about producing a kite for beginners and intermediate kiters. Although the Dream is a classic c-kite it has all its priorities straight: the Dream was a good start because it showed the essence of kitesurfing and that is of course easy to use versatility: throwing a jump, riding a wave, going crazy for speed, landing tricks or even cruising. To achieve all that with no worries, with fun as your only goal, the Fone Dream really delivered. F-One released its 5th Line Safety System as early as 9/8/2004 so the original was not fitted with a fifth line when it came out.

The F-One Rival kite is for anyone in desperate need of a light wind kite. So if you are not blessed with 25+ winds regularly… Then you might consider to buy a Fone Rival. But consider the Rival also because it features the patented F-One Integral System. This system allows the kite to have bow kite like depower but still have the high performance characteristics of a classic C shape kite.

F-One History – Interview with Raphaêl Salles!

Raphaêl Salles is the man behind the f-one kites. What made him to start manufacture kites in the first case? And when did he start to kite surf himself? And what makes F-One kites to the best kites in the world? Read this interview and you’ll get the answers! PS. The interview is from 2002, lots of things have happened since then!

Q: Tell me about how you got into kitesurfing?

A: I was a wind surfer for 10 years from beginning of the 1980′s to 1994, but I stopped the board for wind surfing 94. Then I started to make my own board F-one for windsurfing, F-one custom boards.  I started to leave my town in Montpellier, in southern France, all year long.  And I was not really used to that because before I used to be in work and everywhere. Even in cabarete I came in 88 or 89, I don’t remember. Montpellier is pretty flat, there are no waves, wind is always 15-20 knots, so only light wind. So in 1995, after 10 years of windsurfing I was kind of looking for something else. I looked into the kiting, I tried on the beach and was really surprised about the power you can get from a kite and I decided that I have to try this in the water and start manufacture something. So in summer 1995 was the first time I tried kitesurfing. In 1996 I started to worked a lot on the boards  and I tried many different kites also. Finally I got the first sample to France after 6 months we were able to go upwind and to start jumping and that was really the beginning of the story.

Q: Since when are you building your own kites?

A: We made the first production board in the end of 1997. We did the first kite one year later, 1998. We were doing only foil kites, because at the time I was not very satisfied with the first inflateable kites with lower aspect ratio, they were very slow and not good for light wind. So we started looking into the foil. Last year in august we did another foil and the first inflatable f-one kite arrived in December 2001.

Q: The kites you have on the beach here are from the production?

A: Yeah, these are production kites, here for a test with german magazine.

Q: And they work well?

A: They work very well. Power and prediction is even better than I could dream of 4-5 months ago. It’s incredible, in 2-3 weeks worldwide everybody knows what is good and what is not good. Internet communication is going super.

Q: People tell me that the workman ship on f-ones is really good.

A: Yeah, that’s my priority. The performance, the quality , innovation, all the R&D department is customized. We don’t have a website, we don’t have a catalog. We spend all our money and time into the product.

Q: You have very good products!

A: Yes, we try to be the best. It’s not always easy, because the sport is new. You have new things and fashions every 6 months. You have to do really interesting kites.

Q: How do you like cabarete?

A: I was surprised. The kitebeach is really perfect here, little waves just outside. For me to me for testing its incredible. I can be 18 m2 in the morning going my tests for light wind. and slowly slowly every hour you go down sizes, in the afternoonyou can end up with a 9 m2. You have glassy water,  little waves, You have choppy flat water. Its warm, the hotel here is really perfect.