Gaastra Booms 2013

The time has come for Gaastra Booms to step up to the plate with the ultimate competition boom. Currently we are finalizing the production of one of the best booms ever to hit the market. We will have 2 wave and 2 freestyle sizes, along with 3 race sizes each having monocoque one piece carbon tail pieces. The Outline curves are optimized based on target sail sizes and the back ends come with different widths for each boom length making for a perfectly integrated rig. The Race back ends will come with a built in
pulley system for adjustable outhauls. Oversized front and tail sections for increased stiffness, reduced diameter in the grip area for increased comfort and ergonomics. A textured grip section in the grip area increases the traction. A stiff mast cup
for direct force transmission between the boom and mast makes the connection rock solid. A long closing lever for easy opening and closure while rigging.

The new high tech Gaastra Boom front end is built out of reinforced Plastic for more stiffness, better power load for more performance and lighter weight for better handling. The new monocoque arms and back ends are built out of the best 100% Carbon quality composite technology. The all new Gaastra molds are produced under extreme heat and pressure to reach the highest level of carbon composite quality.