Gaastra Sails 2014

A new season has passed, and designing the 2014 range of sails for Gaastra has been very excit- ing. For most sails I redesigned them from scratch, this for several reasons. First I wanted to clean my files from all the added modifications that make it less and less clear for future evolutions, second during the 2013 development we learned many new things that I wanted to implement in the 2014 range. Instead of loading the designs with more modifications, making the handling of the files very complicated, I decided to start fresh with clean new files.
We wanted the new sails to be more powerful but also light in the hands at the same time, so not to have the feeling of driving a truck. So we came up with a NEW LUFF CURVE CONCEPT (learn more details on the next pages) As for materials, we continue using our trademark 2PLY and C-Film fabrics.
We added some new features, a new redesigned tack fairing, which is much softer and easier to use. New head fairings and a new clew construction for better protection to the exposed parts of the sails. For the vario tops we developed a new small feature, which protects the adjustable web- bing from chafing when it comes in contact to hard grounds.
We have further evolved the radial panel layout to the next level by adding a load tape on certain lines and removing all possible weak points.
Of course all the successful features and concepts introduced last season remain, like our innova- tive sail materials, 2 mast concept and the overall quality construction of Gaastra.
Our new monocoque carbon booms are now fully available and proving their qualities, with their incredible weight and stiffness and superb grip.

If you get a chance to try out a new Gaastra sail, don't hesitate! We pour our heart and soul into these products and you will be sure to notice this every time you sail a Gaastra rig.
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Much wind and lots of fun on the water!

Gaastra Cosmic 2014

Accessible cambered sail High performance with easy rotation Great range of use
From £519.00

Gaastra Cross 2014

Light and powerful cross over sail Fast and stable Great range of use
From £479.00

Gaastra IQ 2014

Lightweight and strong new school wave sail Compact & radical 4batten sail Great range of use with perfect handling
From £459.00

Gaastra Manic 2014

Lightweight & strong all round wave sail Stable, smooth & balanced Great range of use with power & perfect handling
From £459.00

Gaastra Manic HD 2014

Lightweight & strong all round wave sail Stable, smooth & balanced Great range of use with power & perfect handling
From £479.00

Gaastra Matrix 2014

Easily accessible with high performance Light and stable Great range of use
From £449.00

Gaastra Pilot 2014

Simple to rig and use Good performances All top level features of Gaastra sails
From £339.00

Gaastra Poison 2014

Lightweight and strong power wave sail Powerful, Stable and balanced Formidable combination of power and neutrality
From £495.00

Gaastra Pure 2014

Best freestyle sail on the market 4 battens on all sizes Light, direct with a lot of pop
From £479.00

Gaastra Savage 2014

Quasi race sail performance No cam rotation Great performance in all conditions
From £499.00

Gaastra Foxx 2014

Light and easy Gaastra construction features, durable Bright and visible
From £229.00