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Goya Windsurf

How did you get into gear design and starting Goya?

I was tuning my skateboard when I was 6, back, my brother will work on the graphics while I would be tuning the tracks and rest of the hardware. As soon as I got hooked into windsurfing, I understood that to be able to ride how I wanted, I would need to spend almost as many hours developing the gear as I did in the water. I would look at magazines and videos when I wasn’t in the water and draw my ideal moves, sails, boards, fins, etc. Along that time I started working with the local custom manufactures in Argentina and when I turned 18 I moved to Maui to ride all day long and live my dream. Here I started riding for different shapers and designers while helping them along their R&D programs. 5 years later, in 1994 I got together with my close friends and we started our own brand and factory, that was and is Quatro today. We didn’t have to convince anybody anymore, we just did the designs that we wanted to ride and we would build them with all new materials that directly influenced our riding and the way other people felt about windsurfing. So really it was those passionate windsurfers from all over the world that bought my gear and were stoked with the sport that started the brand.

And how is it working in Goya?

I work together with a team that been focusing their whole life around windsurfing, the office, showroom, loft and factory are in Haiku, 5 minutes away from one of the most consistent and mixed conditions in the world to ride on. The mixed conditions that Maui has to offer along with a huge amount of visitors from all over the world, allow us to test the gear ourselves and receive direct feedback from our customers. So everyday we ride and hear feedback that is put back into the products, business and sport. All revolve around our passion and development for the ultimate ride, company and sport. When the new years gear arrive I’m just as excited about it as I was with my first board 25 years ago.

Do you look towards technology or experience?

In 1992 we started experimenting with the first styro/sandwich windsurf boards and with the new light weight gear was that inspire our riding into the double loop revolution, later on1996 we started working with our first CNC shaping machine, with it came all the concave and double concaves bottoms that later led to the twin fin, Quad development and with them complete change on outlines, bottom shapes and the way we will ride waves forever. So yes with the same crew we continue working on today at our factory and loft now we are searching into greener materials, so really it is both, the experience that comes from the consistency, team work and the technology, the commitment to make it better everytime.

What does Goya offer that the competition dont?

By developing boards and sails together we are able to combine designs and directly bring across our view for the sport. I also see the windsurfing industry as a community project, we are all learning and seeing how we can improve the sport, one thing I’m sure, it will take a lot more than one brand and one vision to really take windsurfing to where it deserves.




Goya Banzai 2013

Goya Banzai QUAD WAVE Goya Banzai 4 Batten sail
From £359.25

Goya Air 2014

From £1,399.00

Goya Air 99 2013

Goya Air Freestyle Goya Air Single pro fin Goya Air Pro Construction

Goya Banzai 2014

From £539.00

Goya Carrera 2014

From £1,299.00

Goya Custom 2013

Goya Custom Hardwave Wave Goya Custom Quad board Goya Custom Pro Construction
From £1,499.00

Goya Custom 2014

From £1,549.00

Goya Eclipse 2013

Goya Eclipse POWER WAVE Goya Eclipse 5 Batten
From £359.25

Goya Eclipse 2014

From £509.00

Goya Freesurf 2013

Goya freesurf Crossover Goya freesurf 5 Batten Sail
From £276.75

Goya Guru 2013

Goya Guru CONTROL WAVE Goya Guru 5 batten sail
From £344.25

Goya Guru 2014

From £539.00

Goya Guru S 2014

From £0.00

Goya Nexus 2013

Goya Nexus Freeride Sail Goya Nexus 6 & 7 Batten Gouy Nexus ECO Construction
From £321.75

Goya Nexus 2014

From £525.00

Goya One 2013

Goya One WAVE FREESTYLEWAVE,FREERIDE & FREERACE Goya One single fin Goya One Pro Construction
From £1,349.00

Goya One 2014

From £1,499.00

Goya One Eco 2013

Goya One WAVE FREESTYLEWAVE,FREERIDE & FREERACE Goya One single fin Goya One Eco Construction
From £1,099.00

Goya Surf 2014

From £899.00

Goya Surf 2014

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