K4 Fins

About K4 Fins

K4 Fins are a unique innovation in windsurfing. Simply put they are different. Something we can all relate to is that 'of course, why wasn't it like that before' feeling. K4 FINS answers that question and in doing so has opened up another page in windsurfing's progression book.

 K4 Fins are all about phat twins, tri's and quads. The new technology isn't appropriate for the longer single K4 Fins. The K4 FINS multi-fin shapes, design, and innovation has come from water time. There is no better way to develop a product than trying it out with some good old fashioned, decent, water time. Coupling this with science and know how has culminated to something ground breaking.

 We talk about the K4 Fins being 'ground breaking'. What are we on about? The truth is as always in the pudding but.... In short....

When powering around the K4 Fins flex from the tip up. When Jumping and general sailing you feel the K4 Fins under the foot complimenting your movements. When heading up-wind you feel the K4 Fins flex and work with the power your putting through them. When landing they again flex and work with you, rather then against you!

 Waveriding is where the K4 Fins really excel. In your bottom turn the flex of the K4 Fins allow you to drive them hard and fast. As you're going through the bottom turn and your speed starts to drop off the K4 Fins give you something back. All that 'stored' energy from flex is given back to you when you need it most. In doing so you don't get stuck through your turn. You can power all the way through to the lip and smack it at full velocity. We think Graham Ezzy hits the nail on the head:

 "The flex allows me to go more vertical and hit later lips. Instead of getting stuck in the curl, I can push on top of it and get more projection. Super cool."


Where it started, where it's going...

 K4 FINS is the sail number of Steve Thorp, a UK Simmer and Mistral Rider. Based in Leicester Steve travels literally hundreds of miles to find the best breaks with the best conditions. Inevitably with the fickle English weather Steve turned the wind skunking into surf opportunities and consequently is a pretty good surfer. This is where K4 Fins started. When surfing, the manouvrability, speed and looseness was simply not existent to the same degree in windsurfing. The evolution of twin K4 Fins brought something to the table, that surf feeling was nearly there. Twins were the petrol, now all it needed was a match on it to go off.....

K4 Fins have now been running for a couple of years. It is only for the past 8 Months that the K4 Fins have been available on a commercial level. In this short period of time the brand has projected itself onto a global arena. Pro Riders such as Graham Ezzy, Jamie Hancock and Mikey Clancy have chosen the K4 Fins out of preference and the team is likely to grow as word continues to spread.

K4 FINS are looking forwards. The intention is to innovate and expand. We are already working on another model of K4 Fins and will push forwards working closely with our riders.




K4 Blankes 2013

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K4 Carves fins 2013

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K4 Fins 2013

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