Kite Surf Boards

The Directional Board That are sole by SX Watersports

The directional kite board looks just like a surfboard.  These boards are more specialized than twin tips, and are ideal for catching and riding waves (but can be used on flat water too).  The downside of this style of board is that you need to change stance (move your feet around the board) whenever you change direction – this is not hard to do, but can be frustrating for a beginner.

Who are They Best For?

Although you can use them anytime, surf-style boards perform best in waves.  You should consider using on if you want to ride specifically in waves, and plan on doing a lot of it.

Consider a different type of board if you want to do a lot of big air jumping, flat-water, and freestyle riding, or if you don’t want to have to learn to jibe.  A twin tip board will suit you better.