Manual SB

Scotty Broome took the Manual and provided some extra tweaks making this the perfect crossover Boat / Park board. Updated features include the ALL New Dyna2 base, Super stiff formula for added speed pop off the wake and all new ABS fins to cop a beating on the park while adding stability behind the boat. Hybrid in design, the Manual brings you the best of worlds, all the spring and liveliness of a flex board while offering the consistency and strength of a traditional board. Wide waist for easy lift and soft landings this board will gives you a great park board that can hold its own behind the boat. The new DUP Dyna2 base and abs rails give the board maximum durability on rails while the new shape allows for superior lift off the wake, smooth edge transition and soft landings.

Key Features
- Flat Base
- Dyna2 Base
- Stiff Flex
- ABS Rails
- PBT Deck
- 3 Stage Rocker
- 6” Insert Pattern