Nobile 2012

Nobile Kiteboarding has always been famous for introducing innovative constructions and technologies into the world of our beloved sport. Since the very fi rst kiteboard produced using snowboard technology (which back in the day completely revolutionized kiteboard construction), we have always been the leader in the fi eld of proper flex

Introduced last year in the DoubleHydro- Dynamic, exclusive Pre-Stress technology is implemented into the majority of Nobile kiteboards for 2012. Now the boards feature even more spectacular POP and excellent grip
combined with impressive upwind and choppy water performance, while still being easy to ride and providing you with lots of fun. Additionally, the outline and shape of the boards have been changed to optimize all the benefits you get from Pres-Stress technology. The boards are not only amazingly good to ride, but with dazzling paint jobs and custom fi nishes, they are also visually delicious.

For 2012 Nobile introduces the Infinity – a lightweight and extremely durable wave board. This model features all the advantages of a classic wave board, but thanks to it’s unique construction, it is easier to ride strapless and provides more fun than the traditional boards.

You should also pay attention to the new version of the T5. This classic freeride board now features Pre-Stress tech as well as improved rocker line. If you’re looking for a freestyle focused all-rounder, feast your eyes on the new NHP. We’ve done what seemed to be impossible, all the features of one of the most popular hi-performance boards have been taken to the next level, making the NHP a defi nite must-have for 2012.

All of you female riders should look no further than the NHP and T5 women’s spec, developed with Asia „The Machete” Litwin.

Another novel feature is the new size of the Nobile 50Fifty. This wakestyle inspired, Mike „The Knife” Blomvall signature board (voted best twin tip of the year) will also be available in 134 x 39 cm for 2012.

Unless you’re not riding strapless, you know the connection between the rider and the board is also really important. This is why Nobile keeps on progressing when it comes to footpads. The ones introduced for 2012 are lighter and even more comfortable. In addition, now you can adjust the angle of your pads.

The latest version of popular all round kite N62 V3 surprises with it’s superb relaunch and perfect balance, while T5 - Koinobori is a perfect choice for freeride and waves thanks to it’s extremely well-rounded aerodynamicprofi le and amazing low-end power.