Picture of Point 7 Mast C100 SRDM  2013

Point 7 Mast C100 SRDM 2013

Quick overview

C100+SRDM (100% Carbon)

Point 7 C100+ SRDM
The best possible performance for your sail. Great pumping response, acceleration, light feel and absorption of the hardest conditions for optimal comfort and control
A 100% carbon content and produced to the exact Point-7 standards for bend-curve and hardness. The high carbon content of the C-100+ will guarantee the best possible performance from your sail.
The C-100+ offers the fastest reflex and responsiveness of any of our masts thus also improving the performance of your rig.

Construction & performance of the SuperRDM: The base fits a standard rdm extension, and a normal boom adaptor for rdm. From a third  up of the base, to the very top, the outer diameter is narrower than a normal rdm. The Srdm having a smaller diameter delivers a softer feel whilst sailing. This allows the rig to be more comfortable in strong winds and hard core situations.  Having a mast with a reduced outer diameter, the wall thickness of the mast is also thicker. This is made by inserting extra layers of carbon. Normally a softer mast looses a bit of planning power  but due to the high carbon content, this mast offers a great reflex and therefore regains the power  This higher reflex compared to a standard rdm mast is making the sails feel very light whilst sailing and increases the wind range to the sails used with the Srdm.

Mast C100 SRDM 370
Mast C100 SRDM 400
Mast C100 SRDM 430

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Manufacturer: Point 7 Sails