Picture of Point 7 Mast C80 RDM  2013

Point 7 Mast C80 RDM 2013

Quick overview

C80+RDM (80% Carbon)

Point 7 C80+ RDM
The high carbon content and quality of this mast will ensure durability and a good reflex that will lighten the feeling of any rig. The best compromise between performance and durability.

The C80+ mast range comprises a 80% carbon content and is produced to the exact specifications of the Point-7 standards for bend-curve and hardness.  

Construction & performance of the C80+ reduced diameter mast: The base fits a rdm extension, and a normal boom adaptor for rdm is used. Its outer diameter follows that of a regular rdm mast. Benefitting from the same construction base as the C100+ Srdm, the mast maintains optimal performance and responsiveness.

Mast C80 RDM 370
Mast C80 RDM 400
Mast C80 RDM 430

Additional information

Manufacturer: Point 7 Sails