Point 7 Sails 2013

Point-7 finally gives you the opportunity to get the perfect sail and mast combination to a very competitive price level. Having the right mast and sail combo will guarantee the overall quality and durability of your rig along with having the highest performance possible.
Powerful sails with early planning abilities, great stability and light feeling in strong winds. These are the main characteristics of the black sails. These features gives a great sailing range to each size, allowing it to have less sails in your personal quiver. With only 8 sail lines and 3 mast lines: all with very specific characteristics for targeting each single windsurfers special needs.
Utilizing the newest technologies and materials available; Point-7 sails are always one step ahead of the industry. Using primarily UV stabile materials, the expected life of a sail is prolonged substantially. All year non-stop testing of materials and sails in all various conditions, warrants unbeatable quality in the products.
30 unique details are worked in on each sail line to ensure durability and less wear.
Point-7 masts are made in Italy. By having the mast production based in Italy, it’s possible to have a continuous development into new products and ensuring that the standard on all products are second to none; both in the quality of materials being used and the craftsmanship. The masts are produced using the Prepreg-Autoclave process which creates an extremely homogenous carbon/resin mix under high pressure. Using a newly patented procedure which allows the resin to be distributed in equal quantities around the mast walls, the mast is guaranteed to have an equal curve around all its diameter, and thus more uniform in comparison to former production procedures. The resin is reduced to an absolute minimum for unprecedented durability.
Our interest is to give you the best sail size, and typology to optimize your fun. This is why you have a customer care service at your disposal. This service is managed by our Chief Tester Andrea Cucchi. Who better to advice than the person who develops the equipment!
All products are available from our selected dealerships and thru our online shops, whether this being a new sail, mast or a small replacement part for your rig.. We will have it for you in stock.

Point 7 AC 1 2013

From £570.00

Point 7 AC K 3G 2013

From £450.00

Point 7 AC X 3G 2013

From £435.00

Point 7 HF 2013

From £355.00

Point 7 Sado 3G 2013

From £360.00

Point 7 Salt 3G 2013

From £360.00

Point 7 Sick 2013

From £285.00

Point 7 Swag 2013

From £360.00

Point 7 Sweet 2G 2013

From £400.00