Proton 2013

New for 2013, Flexifoil presents the Flexifoil Proton. Designed from the ground up, the Flexifoil Proton has been optimised to be the ideal kite for beginners to take to the water and stick with as their skills improve. This kite is forgiving to the newcomer on the beach but won’t hold you back as you quickly improve your skills and tear past the competition.
The Flexifoil Proton has been developed using the same kite technologies created through working with the world’s best riders, such as 5 times PKRA World Freestyle Champion Aaron Hadlow, which has improved all of our kites at every level. With the Flexifoil Proton, you’ll find that many of the design techniques used to max out the Hadlow Pro, have hugely increased the performance of the Flexifoil Proton.
Overall the Flexifoil Proton is an exceptional all-rounder, offering sharp depower and snappy turning, great for wave riding, as well as predictable and stable flying characteristics making it an all-star free-riding performer, whilst the natural nose-up position of the kite offers stability and assurance in the sky. For beginners and advanced riders alike, the Flexifoil Proton demands a place in your quiver.
Technical Information
Developed from a starting point of excellence, and modelled through the skills and experience of the Flexifoil design team, with influence from one of the world’s finest team of riders, the Flexifoil Proton is an incredible technical achievement.
Stability and Predictability
The Flexifoil Proton has been designed to maximise stability through a naturally ‘nose-up’ position that wont fall from the sky unexpectedly. Furthermore, the powerful profile, coupled with mid-aspect ratio provide a balanced bar pressure making the kite very forgiving and easy to feel. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find the Flexifoil Proton the perfect confidence boost to develop your skills.
Versatility in Performance
The Flexifoil Proton’s solidity in its power make it great for freestyle tricks, whilst sharp depower and snappy turning make the kite great in waves. An overall reliable performance with predictable flying characteristics make it a superb free-riding kite, rounding the Flexifoil Proton off as the ultimate in versatility.
Safety First
Your safety is a top concern, consequently, the Flexifoil Proton continues the use of Flexifoil’s persistently successful primary release system present on all water kites. Capable of killing 90% of the power in one swift action, you can be confident on the water at all times. In addition, colour coded lines are used to ensure simple and safe setup, as well as the option of the 5th line for added safety and self landing.
Thorough Testing Reinforcing Quality
Flexifoil’s new Leading Edge construction standards have surpassed previous inflation test results by almost 40%, and with crash testing completed in the Sahara desert, you can be sure that you’re flying a kite suitable for even the worst beginners!
Exceptionally Intelligent Design
The Flexifoil Proton’s rigid strut system creates a stronger, more accurate and neater kite than ever before, adding to the rigid feel and excellent bar feedback. The diameters of the struts have also been carefully considered to ensure adequate stiffness and their positioning has been optimised to produce uniform pressure throughout the kite and maximise aerodynamic performance.
Strength is built throughout the kite thanks to the Dacron cage protecting high stress and wearable areas. Meanwhile, leading edge Kevlar/Neoprene reinforcements have been used to protect every circumferential seam with wear patches placed on any potential wear points near the toggles to maximise protection when in contact with the beach.
The Flexifoil Proton’s aerofoil is designed to provide powerful boost, good low-end performance, lots of depower and make the kite resistant to back-stalling by using an aerofoil that will naturally “nose-up” when the lines go slack.
Clever Features Inspired by You
We aim to make your life as simple as possible; our E-Z Inflation single point system means you have less work to inflate the kite. For this year’s kites, Flexifoil has also included wingtip dump valves on each wing tip to make packing down easier and quicker. Little changes here and there mean you’re first on the water and last out.