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Quatro Twin Tempo 2014

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Quatro Twin 76  
According to Boardseeker’s Wave board test, the Quatro Twin 76 is the best board for a mix of jumping, riding and tricks in cross on conditions.
Ideal for all around wave sailing, the Twin again offers the perfect balance between early planing, speed, stability and the incredibly loose feeling that twin fin boards are all about.
The Twin is designed to give you a quick and lively feel and also great low end performance in any type of wave conditions you may encounter around the globe.
Windsurfing Magazine
The shape of the Twin has been loved by magazines and customers alike. They are super early planing, fast and easy to use. In their own way these boards even cater to the Freestylewave & Bump and Jump crowd, but with more nimble multi fin set up.
Here’s what WINDSURFING MAGAZINE had to say:
“Ruled the roost when it came to loose – a full-on wave slasher. Great Drive down the line on the wave face and incredibly responsive on the top turn for most sailors”
“Best suits wave purists who have the skill to coax out all the potential this board has to offer.”
“Hightlights: New 10 mm dual density deck pads.”

The Quatro Twin 76 Production Construction concept offers the ultimate in light weight, impact resistance and lively feel. Tried tested and true by the worldwide Quatro Pro team and customers, these boards are designed and built to provide the ultimate performance windsurfing experience. The Premium Construction is the best of the best.

The Quatro Twin 76 comes with the latest Maui Fin Company™ Quad fin set.All Quatro windsurfing boards come with Maui Fin Company™ straps that are extremely comfortable and feature thick high quality neoprene as well as a soft inner sole.
PADS 10mm Dual Density Deck pads combine better traction and padding for big landings.

Twin 76
Twin 84
Twin 92

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