Tabou Boards 2014

New for the Tabou boards 2014

DA Learning CURVE that never ends:
Like they say "the more you learn, the less you know” and each time you learn, you realize how much you don't
know! This is especially true for a shaper. This year, I have been working more and more with the team to create
a masterpiece. Each and every board I shape is built with a plan. Every single board is different even if it is in the
same range. Along with the team, our mission is to make masterpieces. For 2013, you can see my best work to
With all our guys on the PWA Tour, we are constantly developing boards. The Mantas have been undergoing
constant evolution. Our entire race team of Cedric, Ross, Arnon and the Mouss brothers are trying new prototypes
and modifying them in the workshop to continue learning. We take all of this knowledge right over to the Freeride
boards and we keep going. Faster. Better.
Same with the Twisters. Our team demands the best. I want to give it to them. This transfers into the 3S range, we
are always learning.
Our wave team is only allowed to use my original shapes. I don't allow any one of our riders to use any other
shapers boards. This totally defeats our goal and purpose to bring the best we can to the market and to the pro
level competitor. There is no reason why this can't be done. We do it!
When I look to the future of windsurfing I can't imagine what it will be like in 5 years. The level the riders are at right
now is at an all time high. The moves they are doing would have never been thought possible a decade ago.
Who knows what the future may hold, all I know is that I'll be learning and striving to get better and better.

Tabou 3S 2014 CED

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Tabou Da Curve 2014

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Tabou Pocket Wave 2014

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