Tabou Windsurf Boards

Every year the bar rises higher and higher. If you aren’t getting faster, your getting slower.

In our world, it is imperative to create not just good products, we want to create “incredible” products. Every time you set foot on one of our new shapes, we want you to know that you are riding what
we consider to be the most technologically advanced board you can get your feet on! This is what prides Fabien Vollenweider to create these masterpieces that make up the Tabou range of boards.

“I am always looking for ways to improve my shapes. I am a perfectionist and do not stop until I get what I want out of a board” says Fabien. We don’t just change a board because a new year is coming. We change a board when we have learned that something can be improved.
Our shapes evolve over a two year process. “The team gives me a constant challenge- we spent countless hours chasing the goal of not only winning, but developing boards that are user friendly and put a smile on the rider’s face at the end of the session!”comments Vollenweider.
The passion that comes from our latest shapes is shown in every detail. From assembling your board right out of the wrapper to your first jibe or forward loop, we are with you and want to share in your stoke! We invite you to join our tribe, a group of motivated warriors chasing the wind,
searching for waves and most importantly enjoying our beautiful sport.

Tabou 3S 2011

From £1,150.00

Tabou 3S 2013

Tabou 3S 5 sizes
From £800.00

Tabou 3S 2014 CED

From £1,199.00

Tabou 3S 2014 LTD

From £1,499.00

Tabou 3S LTD 2011

From £1,350.00

Tabou 3S LTD 2013

From £1,489.00

Tabou Coolrider 2011

From £1,025.00

Tabou Coolrider 2013

From £929.00

Tabou Coolrider 2014

From £949.00

Tabou Da Curve 2011

From £1,350.00

Tabou Da Curve 2013

Tabou Da Curve Ouad or tri fin Tabou Da Curve 5 sizes
From £1,549.00

Tabou Da Curve 2014

From £1,699.00

Tabou Da Curve Team 2011

From £1,499.00

Tabou Guru 2011

From £999.99

Tabou Guru 2013

From £999.00

Tabou Guru 2014

From £999.00

Tabou Manta 2011

From £1,450.00

Tabou Manta 2013

From £1,489.00

Tabou Manta FR 2011

From £1,450.00

Tabou Manta Team 2011

From £1,499.00

Tabou Manta Team 2013

From £1,559.00

Tabou Pocket Wave 2013

Tabou Pocket Wave Tri or Single fin Tabou Pocket Wave 5 sizes
From £1,399.00

Tabou Pocket Wave 2014

From £1,499.00

Tabou Rocket 2011

From £1,150.00

Tabou Rocket 2013

From £800.00

Tabou Rocket 2014 CED

From £1,249.00

Tabou Rocket 2014 LTD

From £1,599.00

Tabou Rocket LTD 2011

From £1,450.00

Tabou Rocket LTD 2013

From £1,489.00

Tabou Speedster 2013

Tabou Speedster Freeriding on Steroids Tabou Speedster in 6 sizes
From £1,175.00

Tabou Speedster 2014 LTD

From £1,599.00

Tabou Thunder 2013

From £1,175.00

Tabou Thunder 2014 CED

From £1,299.00

Tabou Thunder 2014 LTD

From £1,599.00

Tabou Thunder LTD 2013

From £1,489.00

Tabou Twister


Tabou Twister 2013

Tabou Twister 4 sizes
From £1,489.00

Tabou Twister 2014

From £1,599.00

Tabou Twister Team 2011

From £1,450.00

Tabou Windstyler 2013

From £1,099.00